Completed Milestones
February 2022
Game concept developed
Budgeting developed
Website launched
Start of fundraising (Seed round)
Community development
March 2022
Futuructa MVP (Single player) NFT Marketplace v0.1 released Tokenomics developed White paper developed
April 2022
Tournaments v0.1 released NFT Marketplace v1.0 released Pitch deck developed
May 2022
Authorization, registration released Tournaments v0.1 released
June 2022
Game BETA released Tournaments v1.0 released Website redesigned Smart contracts deployed to the testnet Social Media Marketing
July 2022
Game tutorial added Leaderboard added Start of bounty campaign
August 2022
End of bounty campaign All critical bugs fixed Game officially released Futuructa is live on Boba blockchain
September 2022
Start of Airdrop
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