First crypto game - Futuructa
This is a fun merge-style strategy game set in the far future, where the world-famous scientist Kiana creates a computer-simulated reality to help people get smart like never before. Nill is a naive but likeable character who becomes the first human to put Kiana’s invention to the test. Nill enters the digital world of Futuructa only to get lost there. Now Una, Kiana’s sister, follows Nill to save him from the bizarre but charming computer simulation.
At its core, Futuructa is a merge-3 game, meaning the players have to merge three identical objects by dragging one over the other two. Once that is done, the three objects turn into one but new and improved. Same way more than 3 objects can be merged at once and that is an even more efficient way of merging. The strategic element comes into play in the form of resource management – the players have to figure out the best way to achieve their goal.
Single player
The players can follow along an entertaining story in the Single player packed with jokes and hidden easter eggs. They will discover the computer-simulated world of Futuructa, its odd rules and reveal its mysteries. Kiana, the creator of Futuructa be guiding the players who take the role of Una in her adventure to save Nill.
Merging mechanics can easily be realized within a competitive game mode. For that purpose we have worked out the rules for Tournaments where players have to compete against each other in achieving a certain goal. Participation in a Tournament gives the players a chance to win our token. In order to participate in a Tournament, the players have to purchase a battle pass. Top players are awarded with our tokens.
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