METAFORRA is a decentralized game ecosystem that lives on the blockchain. We let the players control and monetize their time with the help of the blockchain technologies and our ecosystem governance token $FORA.
We treat the creation of a deeply engaging experience as one of our main missions. We treat our ecosystem like a story you would love to share. Our games contextually complement each other in a way that you would want to stick to them. We provide the player with an opportunity to be entertained while earning and having the right to affect the platform's future.
With METAFORRA we strive to overcome the barrier between consumer and the product maker. We will do this by building an ecosystem where users are able to take control of what they own by playing, creating, collecting, sharing and trading without the limitation of centralized control. The ownership will be established with the help of the latest blockchain technologies and standards like NFTs and ERC20 tokens.
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