Investors: 1. Receive tokens during the IDO distribution and can also purchase tokens on exchanges in future. 2. Can sell tokens or invest them in the staking pool. 3. Marketers, advisors, team members can become investors in future.
Players: 1. Can receive tokens as rewards in METAFORRA’s games, or purchase them on exchanges. 2. Can sell tokens or invest them in the staking pool. 3. Marketers and advisors can become players in future.
Liquidity pool: 1. Is needed to maintain the price stability of the token. 2. Can also be generated by other participants.
Staking pool: 1. A smart contract that distributes the deposited METTA on a monthly basis proportionally among all holders who held the invested METTA for the entire period between fixed dates. 2. Deposited METTA is METTA purchased by the project founders on exchanges for the amount of USDT equivalent to 15% of incoming fiat payments in METAFORRA’s games (if the amount of incoming payments is at least $1,000). Must be submitted to the staking pool 24 hours prior to distribution. 3. The period between fixed dates starts on the first day at 0:00 GMT of each month and ends on the last day at 23:00 GMT of each month. 4. Distribution is on the last day of each month from 23:00 23:59 GMT. 5. Futuructa is the first game that provides the ability to view received amounts through the AppStore and GooglePlay Market inside the game. The founders of METTA will send 15% of this amount in USDT each month to purchase METTA to deposit in the staking pool.
Burning: 1. All collected commissions for METTA transactions over network commissions will be accumulated and burned if the equivalent of $1000 is exceeded. 2. On average, the transaction fee in METTA will be the network fee plus 20%. 3. When rewarding players in METTA, 5% more METTA will be deducted from the P2E pool, which will be sent to the smart contract for burning. 4. If the price of METTA is below $0.007, then 5% of undistributed METTA in the Ecosystem Growth allocation will be sent to the smart contract for burning, in case if last such transaction happened not less than 30 days ago.
Underwriters and managers: 1. Investments from an investor in the amount of more than $ 20,000, by agreement of the parties, can be made using the services of an underwriter and/or manager. 2. In order to confirm transparency and protect investments from scam, the underwriter and/or manager from the date of collection directs 10% of the investment amount immediately and then 10% each month subsequently, when founders fulfill their obligations to deposit METTA every month. 3. If there is an underwriter and/or manager, agreement will be reached to faciliate monthly video reports via Zoom, where all payments received in AppStore and Google Play will be seen through a shared screen. Such video reports will be an indisputable proof of the validity of the information provided inside the METAFORRA’s games about incoming payments.
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