Kiana is a scientist with outstanding mental abilities. Just look at what she's been involved in: biology, bioinformatics, bioenergetics, many bios... Kiana believes that each individual from the hominid family in the order of primates (i.e. human) can develop brain performance to an incredible extent and, thereby, promote the creation of an ideal world without conflicts, inequality and decaffeinated coffee. A world where every human would have the god-like powers. Kiana came up with a hypothesis that the way the human brain works is similar to an ancient technology called Blockchain - a decentralized network with many nodes. And the more nodes are involved, the stronger and more efficiently the human brain works.
Kiana has a sister who also happens to be her colleague - a bright and talented engineer. Una has been working closely with her Kiana since high school. Una is married to Nill. Before becoming Una's husband and a programmer at Kiana's science lab Nill used to work in that same lab as a security guy until he agreed to take part in an experiment and became a computer genius. Overnight. Before that, Kiana found out that by developing the brain activity of experimental subjects any creature produces an incredible amount of heat. Fortunately for humans (and not so fortunately for lab rats), experiments were carried out on less developed creatures. Finally, in order to avoid "overheating" Kiana and Una invented a device that removed heat and converted it into electricity. Profit! All that was left to do was test the new device. It was decided that the first creature to try out the novelty was the cat named Seed living in the lab (lab rats breathed a sigh of relief). Seed opened many nodes in his head, meaning became smart like no other four-footed mammal on the planet. It, or he rather, began to understand human speech, learned math and English grammar. Seed's mental abilities have become comparable to those of an average adult - one day he even beat Nill at cards. For real cash. A cat. After the successful experiment on a cat, Kiana set about the main goal - conducting an experiment on a human. And either Nill decided to win the money back from Seed or wanted to impress Una but he volunteered to become the first human to undergo the experiment. And it worked - he discovered a huge intellectual potential in himself! However, when Nill confessed to Kiana that he had difficulty adapting to the digital reality, Kiana decided to abandon her physical body and transfer her intelligence to the reality of Futuructa to guide future human travellers. The start of the Single-Player campaign in Futuructa takes place at the moment of Nill's first arrival to the digital reality. Thus, under the supervision of Kiana, Nill becomes the first researcher of the digital world of Futuructa, fraught with many mysteries.