Ecosystem Tokens
Two tokens will circulate in the METAFORRA ecosystem: governance token $METTA and utility token $FORRA. Both tokens are built on the Solana blockchain and will be available for trading on decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. There will be no direct relationship between governance and utility tokens in terms of pricing. Instead, for the convenience of players, the $FORRA utility token will be pegged to the in-game currency at a 1:1 ratio.
Governance token $METTA features:
- The token has a fixed supply of 3 300 000 000; - Burning mechanism present; - Holders will be able to claim farming rewards; - The players will be able to earn the token by winning in special events in the game.
Utility token $FORRA features:
- The maximum supply is not fixed; - Burning mechanism present; - The token is designed as a basis of transactions in the ecosystem – in-game and NFT marketplace purchases; - The token can be earned as a reward in the Multiplayer mode.
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